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What is the advantage to being a member?

Beyond the dreamy natural light and having your own studio managed for you, we have an amazing community. Members benefit from business, photography and lifestyle classes, networking meet ups and forums. Every member also has access to saving even more money on products they already use at a discount. We call this our Member Perks, it is always growing and there is something for you on there!

What are the services and the dollar amounts?

Services are: studios, meeting rooms, conference room and stylist bar. Essentially they are the spaces you can use as a member. You are welcome to book any of them! Because not every space at every location is valued the same, you have a lump sum of money in your account you can spend wherever youd like. Perhaps one month you need a conference room that is going to use a lot less of your allowance than shooting all month.

With your monthly subscription, you get more allowance for your buck!
For an example: Development costs you $155 a month to your credit card and your account is given $250 worth of services.
The conference room is $20 an hour
The stylist bar is $30 an hour
The meeting room is $50 an hour
The studio (a or b) is $50 an hour
You may book your $250 away however works best for your month!

What is the initiation fee?

Since we are not a lease-based place, we never collect a security deposit, nor do we charge for wear and tear when you move out. This helps cover the cost of The Studio up keep. In addition, we are a studio full of amenities, for you and your clients. This includes: wifi, unlimited beverages (wine, beer, soda, coffee, water), branded coffee sleeves and a logo sign to hang up in the space you are using. You are inviting your clients to your fully stocked, clean, luxurious space. All you have to do is show up!

You are only charged this once as a member and are never subject to it again unless you cancel your membership and rejoin.

If I don't use all my allowance in my account one month, do I get to roll them to the next?

The only leftovers that roll are the a la cart purchases you make. Those purchases outside of your membership subscription never expire.

What are a la cart purchases?

We offer you the option to purchase more if you have a busy month but do not want to upgrade to the next subscription rate. These are great if you just need a few more dollars to book or you are collecting for a big shoot or event. You can pull from these whenever you need! They never expire.

What if I want multiple spaces for a shoot or event?

Your portal offers the following combinations of bookingsand get this.they are discounted! Multi spaces means 20% off!

Studio A + B
Studio A + stylist bar
Meeting room + either studio
Full Studio

Is my subscription month to month?

While your actual subscription renews monthly, you are in a 12 month agreement to stick around. Trust me, we want you at least that long. Wait till you see what can happen to your business and personal growth here!

How do I get those coffee sleeves and logo?

They are covered in your initiation. All you need to do is email Spud@thestudiocorp.com a true black and white version of your logo as a jpeg and full color version as an ai or pdf. If you do rebrand and want new gear, it is a $50 charge.

Can I use the other The Studios?

Yes! We hope to have one close to anywhere you need to be so you always have one handy. We have three Studios in Colorado Springs , Denver, and Centennial as major hubs. We also have satellite studios in any given season. Your subscription is good for any of them. Once you are a member to one, you are a member to all!

What are satellite studios?

The Studio wants to serve your needs as much as possible. To create more space and to keep your creative juices flowing, sometimes we partner with an existing studio to allow our members to book. It may not offer all the same qualities as your home studio, and it may be more or less expensive, but it is an option for location for you.